About Us

The company produces recycled chemical fibers and polyester fibers, and is the largest production base of recycled chemical fibers in the north.

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Who are we?

We are one of the earliest enterprise engaged in recycled polyester staple fiber industry.Founded in 2001,have 3 based factories: Hebei Juyue Polyester Fiber Co., Ltd., Hebei Jinyi Polyester Fiber Co., Ltd., Hebei Junye Polyester Fiber Co., Ltd. and one marketing center company, Hebei Weihigh Technology Co., Ltd.

At present,we have become the largest recycled polyester staple fiber manufacturer in the north of china. It covers total 700,000 M2 area,more than 2,000 staff, have the most advanced production equipment and testing equipment imported from Germany , has about 20 production lines, and more than 20 years technique experience.

Our marketing center ,Hebei Weihigh Co., Ltd has reached more than 100 people, providing the best quality services for friends from all over the world.


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What are we doing?

We produce high end and mid-range recycled polyester staple fiber which can be used in textiles, nonwovens, fillings, colored fibers, modified fibers, functional fibers, etc.
As an environmentally friendly enterprise conforms to national circular economy policy,Every year we uses about 40mt waste plastic bottle to produce various specification of polyester staple fibers , which are widely used in spinning, base cloth, filling and other industry fields. All of factoroy operations have achieved by OEKO-TEX and STANDARD 100 and SGS GRS certifications etc.

Why choose us?

The high-tenacity and low-elongation products we produce are twice as strong as cotton fibers, giving them good textile properties, showing excellent abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and good electrical insulation.
The group has now become the largest composite polyester staple fiber production base in northern China. It has the most advanced production equipment imported from Germany, and has more than 20 production lines, and it is still expanding.
Spinning equipment is the most advanced spinning equipment in China. Both the spinning box and the melt clamping tube are heated by circulation, which has good heating effect and high temperature control accuracy.
Tension-setting machine is internationally advanced and domestically leading. It is driven separately by a combined AC motor. The steam temperature is controlled by pressure and automatically adjusted by PLC to ensure high tenacity, low elongation and low shrinkage of the product.
Winding machine adopts centralized transmission variable frequency speed regulation, and the feeder adopts high-precision gear transmission, which has high precision, low noise and stable operation.
Traction equipment can utilize the alternation of water and air to achieve high-speed traction. Two oiling methods of roller type and spray are also adopted, and the automatic detection device around the roller is reasonably configured to automatically alarm to ensure product quality.
The frequency conversion technology and PLC automatic control used in relaxation heat setting can eliminate the residual stress inside the fiber, fix the degree of fiber crimps, and improve the shrinkage rate of the fiber in boiling water.
The packaging equipment adopts advanced PLC control, automatic measurement, and hydraulic baler to ensure the consistency and uniformity of the package weight.

Finalized Product Inspection

We use the most advanced inspection equipment in the country to conduct professional inspections and issue inspection reports. Using single fiber strength machine, projector, melting point detector, specific resistance tester, etc., to ensure that every tested product is of the best quality. Not only that, each package of our products has a production serial number, which can be traced to the source.

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OEM & ODM acceptable

Custom sizes and shapes are available. Feel free to share your ideas with us and let us work together to make life more creative.
Worry-free quality
Control quality from the source, check every link, standardized production, strict quality inspection, and mass production.

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Company Culture
Four Codes of Conduct
Strategic Objectives

Introduction of the team
We closely follow the pulse of changes in China's chemical fiber and even the world market, always focus on customers, and drive product operation with product quality through the establishment of a modern marketing system and network. Through the construction of multi-dimensional sales network, the integration of marketing system and market resources has been realized, and the overall strength of Juyue's fighting market has been enhanced.

The company has a professional marketing team of more than 30 people with a college degree or above, and has formed a marketing network of " Vertically to the north and south, horizontally to the east and west, crisscross, grow business nationwide ", covering more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. The company has set up a special international trade department to undertake the tasks of importing raw materials and exporting products. At present, it has established supply and demand cooperation with 6 countries in Australia, Europe and other regions.

Marketing is not selling its own products or services in a shrewd way, but an art of creating real value for customers, establishing a rapid response mechanism on the basis of coordinating the relationship between quality and service, improving service levels, and being able to quickly respond to problems and solve them quickly .

Company Culture

Company culture is the soul of business management:
Enterprise wish: to create a harmonious home that realizes the dream of life
Enterprise mission: strive to improve the living environment
Enterprise purpose: Create talents, achieve life, create wealth, and return to society
Enterprise core values: humility, morality, pragmatism, efficiency
Enterprise style: manage according to rules, talk less and do more,solve the problem, do the job well
*Business Philosophy: Integrity and Strictness, Beware of Danger in Times of Peace, Same Heart and Same Virtue, Innovative Development
Talent concept: Become a person with both character and ability, and strive to be the first in performance
Production concept: work hard, safety production, technological innovation, continuous improvement
Management philosophy: self-planning, self-execution, self-examination, self-improvement
Marketing Concept: Begin with Customer Demand and End with Customer Satisfaction

Four Codes of Conduct

Discipline: Loyalty to the company, abiding by laws and regulations
Work: Be conscientious and meticulous in work, execute efficiently
Learning: Pursue excellence and forge ahead
Human: Be civilized, treat others with unity and friendliness


Strategic Objectives

Short term: professional operation, standardized management
Mid-term: Group operation, diversified development
Long-term: brand management, international development