hollow polyester down like fiber

  • Stuffing hollow polyester down like fiber

    Stuffing hollow polyester down like fiber

    hollow polyester down like fiber, also called down cotton, also known as hollow cotton, silk cotton, pp cotton, hand stuffed cotton and other different names, is a common substitute for natural duck down in the field of garment filling. Its unique internal structure is similar to a vacuum layer, so as to achieve the special effect of isolating the external cold air, heat insulation and heat preservation, mainly used in garments, home textiles, bedding, high-end plush toys and other industries.
    Slippery, good feel, big rebound, buyers carding to get filled finished products.

  • Recycled  Polyester Staple Fiber

    Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber

    Polyester fiber it is an chemical fiber, which refers to the fiber with textile properties obtained by the preparation of spinning dope, spinning and post-processing, using natural or synthetic polymer compounds as raw materials.