Is 100% polyester fiber good or not?

How to produce 100% recycled polyester fiber

Is 100% polyester good? With the development and progress of the times, people's understanding of beauty has gradually changed. The pursuit of beauty is no longer just a delicate face, but also a focus on the well-proportioned figure and clothing collocation. Material, let's know about 100% polyester fiber, okay?

Advantages of polyester fiber

100% polyester fiber

For polyester fiber, it is an industrial product synthesized from petroleum. As a fabric for clothing, it has the advantages of strong wrinkle resistance, elasticity and high strength. Wearing on the human body also has the characteristics of comfort, dryness, and fit, so it is used in many clothes.

In fact, 100% polyester fiber has both advantages and disadvantages, as shown below:

Advantages of polyester fiber:

1. Polyester fiber is environmentally friendly

This material reduces the consumption of cotton, lowers the cost, and is more environmentally friendly.

2. The fabric made of polyester fiber is anti-wrinkle and high temperature resistant

Clothes made of this material seldom have wrinkles. When using an electric iron, it is also very good to avoid wrinkles on the clothes, and it is easy to take care of.

3. The finished product made of polyester fiber is easy to wash and does not stain wool

This kind of material is easy to wash off after being stained with oil, and there is very little static electricity attached to it. If you have pets at home, it can also avoid the phenomenon of sticking hair.

100% polyester fiber also has the following disadvantages:

1. Poor air permeability

Compared with cotton material, this material has smaller pores, so it does not have good air permeability.

2. Poor sweat absorption

The sweat-absorbing function of this material is poor, and there will be a lot of troubles in summer.

3. Not easy to dye

This kind of material is not easy to dye, and it will fade when washed.

How to store polyester fiber clothes

1. Minimize clothing friction and change and wash frequently.
2. Store in a clean environment to prevent mildew.
In order to prevent mildew on clothes, we can place some desiccants in the closet, which can absorb moisture, prevent mildew, and prevent moisture.
3. Fold and collect when placing.

Fabric made of polyester fiber

Advantages, disadvantages and uses of 100% polyester fiber

1. Pure woven polyester fiber with natural drape and stable color. High breaking strength and elastic modulus, moderate resilience, excellent heat setting effect, good heat resistance and light resistance.
2. But it also has disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of polyester fiber clothing is that it is not breathable and has poor perspiration performance. The second disadvantage lies in the pilling of sticky hair, which will affect the appearance of clothes.
3. At the same time, it can be widely used as civilian fabrics and industrial fabrics. In addition, the raw material cost of polyester fiber production is also very low.
4. Polyester staple fiber can be spun purely or blended with natural fibers such as cotton, hemp and wool. It is a chemical fiber material with high meltability.

The difference between pure cotton and polyester fiber

1. From the price of raw materials

Pure cotton is much higher than polyester fiber. Pure cotton is a natural fiber. It has the advantages of breathability, strong water absorption and more comfortable fabric.
Polyester fiber, also known as polyester, is a chemical fiber. Its main functions are wear resistance, wrinkle resistance, and good shape.
2. From the point of view of touch

Pure cotton has a soft feel and is very suitable for making underwear, bedding, and clothing.
Polyester fiber feels harsh to the touch and is prone to static electricity.
3. Judging from the degree of wrinkle

Pure cotton is more likely to absorb water, shrink and deform. But it can be restored to its original shape by ironing with a steam iron.
The advantage of polyester fiber is that it is not easy to deform, and it is easier to keep the clothes in a straight state. Generally speaking, polyester fiber is blended with other materials, which can better extend the number of times the clothes are worn.
In addition, each fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages. Just choose the clothes you like and suit you. You don't need to worry too much about the best one. Therefore, after understanding the material, everyone has a clearer choice of clothing and a correct understanding of the material.

Ten advantages of 100% polyester fiber

1. Heat insulation and sunshade, light transmission and ventilation. It can eliminate as much as 86% of solar radiation and keep the indoor air unimpeded, so polyester fiber fabrics are widely used in umbrellas, tents, sun protection clothing and other outdoor products.
2. The dyeing and printing of polyester fiber fabrics is relatively simple, so the production capacity is huge, and the category style is very rich, which can meet fashion needs, such as imitation silk chiffon, sportswear, jackets, ski suits, down jackets, etc., which cannot be resisted by the global market.
3. UV protection. Polyester fabric blocks up to 95% of UV rays.
4. Fire prevention. Polyester fabrics have flame retardant properties that other fabrics do not have. The real polyester fiber fabric will leave the inner skeleton glass fiber after burning, so it will not deform.
5. Moisture-proof. Bacteria cannot reproduce and the fabric will not become mildewed.
6. Polyester fiber is soft and clean, strong and durable, and does not require special care, so the general public finds it practical.
7. Dimensional stability. The material of polyester fiber fabric itself determines that it has no ductility, no deformation, and maintains its flatness for a long time.
8 Easy to clean. The polyester fiber fabric can be washed in any detergent and washing powder, hand washing and machine washing are no problem, and it is very worry-free and convenient to wear.
9. Strong tear resistance. Requires no reinforcement, is naturally tear-resistant, has significant wind resistance and withstands frequent use.
10. The price is low. This is the decisive factor for the popularity of polyester fiber fabrics all over the world.

Which is better, polyester fiber or cotton?

Each has its own advantages, and it is advisable to choose according to the needs.
Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber, which has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, high strength and elastic recovery ability, and is durable, wrinkle-resistant, non-ironing, and non-sticky. It is suitable for industries with strenuous sports, such as mountaineering Clothes, sportswear; cotton is a natural material fabric, which has the characteristics of moisture absorption, warmth, heat resistance, alkali resistance, hygiene, etc., suitable for underwear, home clothes, or clothes worn by infants and young children.

Polyester fiber is also called PPcotton

Is polyester fiber more expensive or pure cotton more expensive?

In terms of raw materials, pure cotton is more expensive.
In terms of raw materials, polyester fiber fabrics are relatively cheap, and synthetic fibers are relatively environmentally friendly. Therefore, mixing polyester fibers into wool, cotton and other materials can greatly reduce the cost price

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