Short Report on China’s Polyester Industry

Industry situation of polyester staple fiber

The polyester industry undertakes the upstream petrochemical industry and downstream textile and garment related industries. The industry prosperity is also affected by fluctuations in raw material prices and the macroeconomic situation. The polyester industry as a whole has entered a relatively mature stage of development, and industrial structure optimization, greening, and differentiation are new industry development directions.

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Definition of polyester staple fiber

Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester obtained by polycondensation of organic dibasic acid and dibasic alcohol. It belongs to polymer compounds. In China, synthetic fiber varieties with a polyester content of more than 85% are collectively referred to as polyester.

Polyester fibers have high strength, high modulus, and low water absorption. And it has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, and has high strength and elastic recovery ability. It is durable, wrinkle-resistant, non-ironing, and non-sticky, making it widely used as civil fabrics and industrial fabrics.

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Market scale of polyester staple fiber

Thanks to the rapid development of polyester downstream textile production and import and export trade, the demand for polyester in China is strong, and the overall production capacity continues to expand. In the future, affected by the comprehensive factors of new production capacity being launched successively, the launch of differentiated products and weak end consumer demand, China's polyester production will continue to increase slowly in the short to medium term. Fluctuations in the prices of downstream raw materials and demand in the textile and clothing industry will not change the overall growth trend of the industry due to the impact of events.

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Polyester staple fiber

Polyester staple fiber is a fiber obtained by spinning polyester into tow and cutting it. As one of the important categories of synthetic fibers, polyester staple fiber is mainly used in the cotton spinning industry. It can be spun alone or blended with cotton and viscose fibers. The resulting yarn is mainly used for clothing weaving. In addition, polyester staple fiber can also be used in home improvement fabrics, packaging cloth, filling materials and insulation materials.

At present, China's polyester staple fiber industry is in the late stage of maturity. The characteristics of the market at this stage are that the growth rate of the industry's production capacity is slowing down, the profitability has declined, the product structure of the industry is improving day by day, and the products are mainly developed from conventional products to a variety of differentiated polyester staple fiber products.

With the substantial expansion of domestic private refining and chemical capacity, the profits of China's polyester staple fiber industry are gradually shifting from the terminal to the upstream of raw materials. As the PTA industry enters a new round of peak production expansion, refining and chemical integration enterprises will further occupy the polyester industry chain market dominance.

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