What is polyester? What are the advantages?

What is "polyester"? What is "fiber"? And what are the two phrases together? 

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It is called "polyester fiber", that is, the public generally known as "polyester", is made of organic diacid and diol condensation of polyester by spinning synthetic fibers, belonging to polymer compounds. Invented in 1941, is the current synthetic fibers of the first major species.Because of its high fiber strength, it has strong wrinkle resistance, good shape retention and elastic recovery ability.Of course, more importantly, the "polyester" fabric is durable, wrinkle-resistant, non-iron, and non-sticky.It has good resistance to various chemical substances, little damage caused by acid and alkali, and is not afraid of mildew and insects.

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Is there any defect in polyester fiber?

Having said that, some people have to ask, does "polyester fiber" have no shortcomings? Yes, of course, everyone has shortcomings, how can fabrics have no shortcomings?

Its disadvantages are poor moisture absorption, weak water absorption, poor melting resistance, easy to absorb dust, and poor air permeability. In addition, the dyeing performance is not good, and it is more troublesome to dye with disperse dyes at high temperature.

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The easy-to-understand explanation is that "polyester fiber" is recommended not to be worn in summer as a clothing fabric.The weather is sultry, the fabric is not very breathable, coupled with the human body sweat more, you can imagine, the experience of wearing is how bad ......

Are clothes made of polyester very low-end?

So, does the experience of wearing polyester clothes in summer make you think polyester is cheap? 

The answer is no, polyester fiber is not cheap,although polyester fiber materials in this society are easy to obtain and can be recycled. If they are sold as clothing materials, compared with some natural materials, such as cotton, silk, wool and other materials,the price is much cheaper, and the price of good polyester fibers is not cheap when made into garments.

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At present, 80% of the clothes of many high-end fashion brands are also made of polyester fibers. At the same time, the brand side re-develops the fabrics and synthesizes it with other natural materials (cotton, silk, linen...), etc., and the finished clothing effect is produced. It is also surprisingly good, such as hand feel, drape, breathability, and wrinkle resistance, which are better than clothes made of a single material, and are more favored by consumers. This is the characteristic of high-quality fabrics.

Polyester fiber, which is a synthetic fiber, can also be resynthesized.

So, polyester fiber, it's really durable and wears well!

Did you wear "polyester fiber" today?

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