Why is polyester the most popular material at present?

The advantages and benefits of polyester fiber are as follows:

1. Polyester fibers have high strength and elasticity, so they are durable, wrinkle resistant, need not be ironed, and have excellent light resistance. In addition, polyester fiber has good resistance to various chemicals. Acid and alkali have little damage to it, and it is not afraid of mildew or moth damage.

2. Polyester has many excellent textile properties and wearability, and is widely used. It can be pure spun or blended with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp and other chemical fibers to make wool like, cotton like, silk like and hemp like fabrics of various colors, with good fastness, scratch resistance, easy washing and drying, no ironing, and good washing resistance.

3. It has good elasticity and bulkiness, and can also be used as cotton wadding. In industry, high-strength polyester can be used as tire cord, conveyor belt, fire water pipe, cable, fishing net, etc. It can also be used as electrical insulating material, acid resistant filter cloth, paper making blanket, etc. Polyester nonwovens can be used for interior decoration, carpet base cloth, manufacturing industrial cloth, flocking, lining, etc.

 Polyester fiber factory assembly line

Why people choose polyester fiber:

1. Advantages of polyester fiber Polyester fiber has high strength and elastic recovery capacity, so it is firm and durable, wrinkle resistant and iron free.

2. It has good light resistance. In addition to being inferior to acrylic fiber, its light resistance is better than that of natural fiber fabrics, especially behind the glass. It is almost on a par with acrylic fiber.

3. In addition, the polyester fabric has good resistance to various chemicals, and is not damaged by acid and alkali, and is not afraid of mold or moth.

 Polyester fiber production

Shortcomings of polyester fiber:

1. The first disadvantage of polyester fiber is its poor moisture absorption, which is caused by its texture.

2. The air permeability is poor.

3. The third is that its dyeing performance is poor, and it needs to be dyed with disperse dyes under high temperature.

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Polyester is now the most popular fabric:

At present, polyester fiber sunlight fabric is also popular in the market. Such fabric has many excellent features, such as sunshade, light transmission, ventilation, heat insulation, UV protection, fire prevention, moisture-proof, easy cleaning, etc. It is a very good fabric and is very popular with modern people for clothing manufacturing.

Post time: Jan-03-2023