Live up to the youth, brave the winds and waves- the “seventh anniversary” of our group’s own kindergarten!

Live up to the youth, brave the winds and waves. From October 2014 to October 2021, after seven years, Jinyi Kindergarten celebrates its “seventh birthday”. After seven years of struggle, the kindergarten, under the ardent care of Mr. Fuyu Guo, chairman of Jinyi Chemical Fiber, and the joint efforts of all teachers and families, innovation and progress, continuous growth, and dedicated to creating a high quality kindergarten with Jinyi characteristics that children like and parents are satisfied with.

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Jinyi Kindergarten was established in October 2014. It was invested by Mr. Fuyu Guo, Chairman of Hebei Jinyi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Mr. Fuyu Guo loves education and cares about the growth of employees’ children, so that the children of Jinyi Chemical Fiber employees can get the best pre-school education, echoing the corporate culture, with the vision of “Studying promotes the growth of China”, the kindergarten is guided by Sinology, and advocates that everyone should be filial and grateful. Cultivate future stars who love their family, love their country, and have a sense of social responsibility.
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Looking back on the seven-year journey and looking forward to a bright future! For seven years, Jinyi Kindergarten has used sweat to irrigate the spirit of seeking knowledge, used innovative wisdom to teach and educate people, and always keep in mind the responsibility and mission of education, which has never changed.
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“A single flower does not make a spring” Jinyi Kindergarten will also be consistent from beginning to end! Walk into the heart of the child, stand from the child’s point of view, in the next seven years… Continue to pass on the power of this love, so that every Jinyi child who has a dream in his heart will shine!
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In May 2018, they participated in the Hebei Children’s Art Festival “You Fan Er” and became the champions.
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In May 2019, the Jinyi Kindergarten program was recorded and broadcasted by Shijiazhuang Radio and Television Station in Hebei Province.
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January 2020
Participated in the 2nd Sinology Classics Reading Competition of Tianjin Dafang Academy and achieved success. Live up to the youth, brave the winds and waves.
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June 1 large-scale cultural performance;

We are all dream chasers, Jinyi Chemical Fiber Year-end Party.
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April 2019
Jinyi Kindergarten Enters Dou Wangling Research

In the past seven years, Jinyi Kindergarten has come step by step, working together to continue to grow, creating one after another colorful movement! Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, we will live up to our youth, brave the winds and waves, and climb the peak with the great dream of ” Studying promotes the growth of China “! In order to create the beautiful home of life’s dreams, Jinyi will bloom!
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Sinology • Martial arts
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African Drums • Dance Classes

Post time: May-10-2022