What is flame retardant polyester fiber

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Flame retardant fiber refers to the fiber that only smolders in the flame and does not generate a flame itself. After leaving the flame, the smoldering self-extinguishing fiber.

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Advantages of flame retardant polyester fiber:

Flame retardant fiber products have good safety, do not melt in case of fire, low smoke does not release toxic gas, washing and friction will not affect the flame retardant performance and environmental protection, waste can be naturally degraded, in line with environmental protection requirements.Good performance in preventing flame spread, smoke release, melting resistance, and durability. Excellent heat insulation and anti-static properties, providing comprehensive heat protection. In addition to the above characteristics, the products produced with it also have the characteristics of soft hand feeling, comfortable, breathable, bright dyeing and so on.

It can be seen from the combustion process of the fiber that the flame retardant fiber is trying to hinder the thermal decomposition of the fiber, inhibit the flammable gas and dilute the flammable gas, and change the chemical mechanism of the thermal decomposition of the fiber to block the thermal reaction process, so as to isolate oxygen, combustible substances, and temperature, the purpose of flame retardant is achieved by isolating these three elements.

Classification of flame retardant polyester fiber:

Generally, flame retardant fibers in the market are divided into pre-treatment flame retardant and post-treatment flame retardant. Pre-treatment flame retardant is to treat the product in the early stage of forming, using flame retardant polyester chips and flame retardant masterbatches, etc.. The production process is complicated and the price is high, but the flame retardant effect is obvious and the durability of use is strong. Post-finishing flame retardant refers to the process of fixing flame retardant on the product through adsorption, deposition and bonding to obtain flame retardant effect. The process is simple, it can meet the requirements of different flame retardant degrees, and the price is low. It is the most widely used flame retardant method.

Use of flame retardant polyester fiber:

These products are mainly used in protective clothing for firefighters, steel-making work clothes, welding work clothes, medical protective clothing, poncho, construction textiles, decorative textiles for transportation, textiles for public places such as theaters, hotels, hospitals and schools, and home decorative textiles.

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