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hollow polyester down like fiber, also called down cotton, also known as hollow cotton, silk cotton, pp cotton, hand stuffed cotton and other different names, is a common substitute for natural duck down in the field of garment filling. Its unique internal structure is similar to a vacuum layer, so as to achieve the special effect of isolating the external cold air, heat insulation and heat preservation, mainly used in garments, home textiles, bedding, high-end plush toys and other industries.
Slippery, good feel, big rebound, buyers carding to get filled finished products.

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Hollow polyester down like fiber products are relatively simple to classify, although different manufacturers on the market generally identify 0.9D - 1.2D. But the actual fiber are on the large side. The length of the national common 25MM, individual customers choose 32MM, or choose 51MM to do spinning cotton use. there is a high level of upgrade products on the market such as cloud down, velvet, etc., in fact, generally classified as a class.


Down cotton compared to natural duck down advantages and disadvantages of the difference

Hollow polyester down like fiber cotton has a thin, delicate feel, soft, good insulation, not easy to penetrate the silk and other characteristics, but also has the soft feel of natural duck down and better warmth performance, because its effect is comparable to down, but the price is relatively low, cost-effective, is the most commonly used alternative to natural down.
However, in recent years, the price of natural duck down remains high, and the technology of this product is constantly updated and changed, still occupying a large market share in the field of clothing.


Product highlights and selling points

The two most prominent indicators of hollow polyester down like fiber cotton are smoothness and elasticity. As the two are contradictory properties, it is difficult to control and coordinate the process of production. This kind of product of our company makes the two indicators tend to be perfectly balanced, is one of the few products on the market can do it. The product has good slipperiness, high fluffiness, less cotton filling and no static electricity in the same gram of product.
The company's products are made of high quality materials, outstanding technology, and precise and strict production control, which makes the product quality significantly higher than other manufacturers and has a high market share and brand recognition in several major garment industry bases in China.
The uninterrupted production of large quantities throughout the year makes the stability consistency more excellent. As the off-peak season of this product is obviously concentrated, there are many shortages during the short-term peak season, and our company's larger production scale can meet the demand of customers' usage.
The company continues to upgrade its technology, and has launched new imitation ecological velvet, yi velvet, etc.

Hollow polyester down like fiber(Bright white)

Comfortable recycled polyester staple
Hollow conjugate 3dx64 in pillow

Hollow polyester down like fiber25mm

Hollow conjugated 7D*64
Hollow conjugate 7d*64 in the cup

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