White cheap polyester fiberfill washable 15D Hsc polyester fiberfill

Short Description:

HCS 7D 64mm recycled polyester staple fiber (PSF for short) is obtained by spinning, stretching and cutting PET produced by polymerizing PTA and ethylene glycol in the molten state. It is used for spinning and making geotextiles, as well as filling pillows, toys, mats, etc. Primary fibers are used in PTA, while recycled fibers are used in PET.
Virgin polyester fiber and recycled polyester fiber filler
Virgin polyester fiber is made from petroleum and can be harmful to the environment, while recycled will be more environmentally friendly.

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Good fluffiness, good warmth and breathability, good conformability of the product under pressure, anti-knot deformation, light quality, strong tensile strength, washable, not afraid of insects, mold and moisture, the warmth rate is more than 60% higher than cotton fiber, and the service life is more than 3 times higher.

Application scope

Pillows, blankets, quilts, toys, filling materials for bedding, furniture, sprayed cotton, polyester cotton, padding, non-woven fabrics, filling quilts, cushions, home textiles, etc.

Why Choose Polyester Filler

Premium polyester fiberfill is the best performing fiberfill for pillows, doll stuffing and crafts. It has excellent resilience, a smooth feel and does not build up. It is made from recycled materials, hypoallergenic and machine washable. You can stuff it into toys, pillows and more.

5 Benefits of Polyester Staple Fiber You Need to Know

Are you considering using polyester staple fibers (PSF) in your production?
Whether virgin or recycled polyester fibers, they all have these 5 key advantages. Also keep in mind that we can offer HCS, a filler material made in China, at very competitive prices.
1. Not easily deformed.
Neither stretches nor shrinks. It has elasticity that other natural fibers do not have and has excellent fluffing properties.
2. It can be combined with other materials.
Such as with rayon, cotton, wool, nylon or viscose want to combine to improve the quality of downstream products and have a variety of uses. For example, some functional textiles take advantage of the comfort of cotton and combine it with the durability of polyester.
3. It is light.
Soft hand feel.This does not prevent it from being a solid and durable material.
4. It absorbs little moisture.
This allows it to repel fungus, mold and bacteria. This not only increases its durability, but also prevents bad odors,these qualities are our achievements in technology.
5. Better ink absorption.
Polyester garments typically have brighter and more durable colors and prints. For this reason, the textiles offered for shirts, tops and dresses are composed mainly of polyester fibers.
Both natural and synthetic fibers have different characteristics and advantages; the main difference is the technology of the textile, which needs to take into account their end use.

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