Recycled 15D64MM Staple Polyester Filled Pillow

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1) Solid, hollow, hollow conjugate
2) Silicone and silicone-free
3) Color: white, green, brown,black
4) Weight: about 270kg per pack

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1) Solid, hollow, hollow conjugate
2) Silicone and silicone-free
3) Color: white, green, brown,black
4) Weight: about 270kg per pack
We are recycled polyester staple fiber (PSF)
- Hollow conjugated silicone-free regenerated fibers (HC)
- Manufacturer of hollow conjugated silicone regenerated fibers (HCS)
Denier: 1.4D, 2.5D , 4D, 7D, 15D , 25D
Cutting lengths: 32mm, 51mm, 64mm

Titer deviation :≤±3% ≤±3%
Breaking load change :≤ 4.0 CVb % ≤ 4.0 CVb %
Tenacity at 10% elongation :≥ 4.5 g/den ≥ 4.5 g/den
Elongation at break :≥ 17.5% ≥ 18 %
180oC hot air shrinkage :4±2% 4±2%
Number of crimps: 15±3 15±3
Crimp Stability :≥ 65% ≥ 65%
Deep staining defect :≤ 0.005% ≤ 0.005%
Super long fiber :≤ 0.02% ≤ 0.02%
Multi-fiber :≤ 0.005% ≤ 0.005%
Cutting length variation :≤±4% ≤±4%

Application Technology
Depending on the end product, the proportion of fiber added can be selected from 5% to 50%. Generally, the addition ratio of imitation silk cotton series is about 7%, the addition ratio of hard cotton and palm bed is about 40%, and other types can be increased according to the actual situation.

Fiber Applications
toys filling, quilt filling ,clothing filling, mattress filling,geotextile ,needle punch/polyester wadding,waterproof base cloth, HC flame retardant fiber,graphene fiber,HC(S) far infrared fiber,cashmere-like fiber

1.What do you offer?
We produce spinning&weaving fiber,filling &padding fiber,nonwovens fiber,fuctional fiber,100% PET recycled staple fiber,Hollow Conjugate Siliconized Staple Fiber,Hollow Conjugate Staple Fiber (HC/HCNS),Down-Like fiber,solid staple fiber,dyed fiber,virgin staple fiber- microfiber,recycled PET flakes.
2. What is it used for?
Our company's product categories are complete, can meet the needs of customers in different industries, products have now covered: textile, non-woven, filling, colored fibers, differentiated fibers, functional fibers, widely used in underwear, high-end clothing, bedding, toys and daily necessities and other fields.
3. Are you a factory or a trading company?
Our company was first founded in 2001, is one of the earliest engaged in the production of chemical fiber in northern China, and has a strong influence in the chemical fiber industry in northern China.Our company's main recycled polyester fiber products in the domestic and foreign similar market sales to maintain a leading position, product performance is stable, reliable quality, service in place, favored by domestic and foreign merchants.
4. Where is your factory location?
Our factory locates in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China.
5. Can you accept free sample?
Yes, the hand sample is free when not exceed 1 kilograms. Upon price confirmation, we will provide a sample within 2-3 days; the freight cost will be charged to client.
6.Can you provide ODM service?
Yes, we work on ODM orders.Size, material, quantity, design, packaging solution, etc. will depend on your requirements.
7. How about your quality? What’s the minimum order Quantity (MOQ)?
Please try a trial order, you will know it. The MOQ is 23,000 Kilograms/order, but the price will be lower if you order bulk volume.
8. Can I mix different items in one order?
Sure, you can mix any products we can provide.
9. How can you guarantee the product quality?
We have a stable supplier of raw materials that can guarantee the quality of the bottle flakes. Secondly, we have a whole bottle cleaning production line with an annual output of 200,000 tons supporting the production of chemical fiber, and can freely select different grades of bottle chips according to product needs. Over the years, the company has continuously introduced new equipment, new technologies, developed new products, and developed various types of recycled polyester products comparable to Dahua products: such as cotton type, three-dimensional hollow, flame retardant, down, small ball cotton, hard cotton, etc.; Various products have passed GRS, OEKO-TEX, ISO9001, ISO4001 environmental management system and other certifications.
10. What’s the payment terms?
L/C at sight, 30% TT in advance are mostly accepted; other terms shall be negotiable by both sides

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