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Product introduction about Hollow conjugated silicon

Polyester hollow fiber is a synthetic fiber made from polyester polymer with a unique hollow tubular structure. Unlike solid polyester fibers, these hollow fibers have voids inside their core, similar to tiny tubes. Compared with traditional solid fibers, Hollow conjugated silicon fibers have good warmth retention and fluffiness, etc. This innovative design gives them unique performance and advantages.

Conjugated Fiber

Product specifications about Hollow conjugated silicon

Material: 100% recycled polyester

Fiber type: short fiber

Pattern: siliconized and non-silicified

Style: Hollow Conjugate

Linear density: 3D-25D

Fiber length: 32MM/38MM/51MM/64MM

Color: original white and optical white

Level: Regeneration

1. 1D-25D: D represents the thickness of the fiber cotton. The larger the quantity, the thicker the diameter of the cotton. Usually, the fiber below 7D is fine fiber and has a good hand feel. The fiber above 15D is thick fiber and has strong elasticity (such as furniture factory, toy factory). There are many commonly used 7D and 15D products in the factory.

2. 32-51-64mm is fiber cotton length: 32mm (such as 7D*32), suitable for machine filling: 51mm, 64mm (15D*64), which has good elasticity and can be filled with a loose cotton filling combination machine.

Conjugated Polyester Fiber

About the product characteristics of Hollow conjugated silicon:

1.Hollow conjugated silicon has good tension, high elasticity and puffing, and antistatic properties.

2. Hollow conjugated silicon has excellent fluffy performance, excellent moisture conduction and breathability, giving people a plump and gentle feel and a pleasant wearing feeling.

3.Hollow conjugated silicon has excellent gloss.

4. Hollow conjugated silicon has good wear resistance and anti-pilling properties, and the special hollow tube shape makes the fabric more warm.

Siliconized Hollow Fiber

Conclusion about Hollow conjugated silicon:

In the textile industry, Hollow conjugated silicon is widely used in fabrics and thermal insulation materials, home textiles, outdoor equipment, etc. The point is that Hollow conjugated silicon is a recycled polyester material and is a more environmentally friendly variant. It not only brings a comfortable experience, but also perfectly integrates sustainability. Due to its structure and environmental performance, Hollow conjugated silicon is increasingly becoming a crucial and popular product.

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