Social responsibility report of Hebei Wei High Tech Co., Ltd

The Group has long been focusing on fulfilling social responsibilities. In 2020, it launched the Research on Social Responsibility of Civilized Units, which established a view that social responsibility is the symbol of social civilization and progress, and social responsibility is the obligation of social civilization. The carrier, that is, social responsibility should start from each employee and the community where they live.

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1.Group Profile
The main raw material of the product is waste beverage bottles. Through deep processing and reuse, waste can be turned into treasure, white pollution has been reduced, and it has played a positive and effective role in environmental protection , is a win-win situation for the environment and the economy, and is also a sunrise industry in line with the national circular economy policy. Our group is one of the earliest companies engaged in chemical fiber production in the northern region. It is one of the largest regenerated fiber production bases in China and has a strong influence in the industry.

The group has a complete and scientific management system, strong technical force, and complete supporting facilities. The group will adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity and strictness, be prepared for danger, unity of heart, innovation and development", and regard quality and reputation as the lifeblood of enterprise survival and development. It is a pragmatic work attitude and implements quality management in strict accordance with national quality standards. While focusing on expanding the market, the group does not relax its overall improvement, and strives to pursue higher market goals.

2.Fulfillment of social responsibility
Adhere to people-oriented and pay attention to the healthy growth of employees. Adequate employment is the basic requirement for social stability. In the past two years, according to its own development needs, the group adheres to the principle of "multiple types of talents, multiple channels for introduction, multiple colleges for majors, multiple channels for training, multiple methods for incentives, and multiple factors for retaining people", and actively creates employment opportunities. While promoting employment, various types of human resources have been reasonably allocated to complement each other. Conduct intensive training for newly recruited employees.

3.Salary and benefits
On the basis of allocation according to the five-element principles of quantity and quality, responsibility, skill level, labor attitude, and comprehensive development, in 2018, the Post Hierarchical Management Measures was launched, establishing a comprehensive coverage, clear hierarchy, clear definition, and scientific assessment. The post-assessment mechanism of promotion of superiors and inferiors, and distribution and fulfillment has deepened the reform of the personnel system, improved the distribution incentive mechanism, stimulated the inner vitality of employees, and has been highly recognized by the majority of employees.

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4.Security protection
On the basis of fully considering the possible personal safety and health factors in the production process and working environment, in 2019, in accordance with the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, the Staff Safety Regulations was revised and improved, which stipulated that the company should interact with personal safety during production work. The requirements for safety-related safety management, safety precautions and emergency response have improved the safety production management system and strengthened the safety production responsibility system.

5.Education and training
The overall development of employees is related to the sustainable development of the unit. In 2019, the Tutor-led teaching and mentor-apprentice pairing implementation measures began to form an education mechanism centered on "developing and motivating people", encouraging employees to base themselves on their jobs, enrich their connotations, and master a variety of skills. From the three perspectives of being a person, doing things, and establishing a career, it promotes the spirit of sincere cooperation, teamwork and dedication to work, and advocates the text of employee benevolence and compatibility. Adhere to at least two employee quality education examinations every year. While popularizing the knowledge of civilization, guide the majority of cadres and workers to behave etiquette and talk about civilization, so as to realize the quality of employees.

6.Humanistic care
The improvement of the comprehensive quality of employees is a direct reflection of the quality of enterprise civilization. In order to enrich the cultural and sports activities of employees, new members are recruited by organizing literary collections, sports meetings and other activities.

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Post time: May-10-2022